Tourmaline by Any Other Name

Tourmaline by Any Other Name

by Ana Palles

To paraphrase a somewhat famous English writer, would a Tourmaline - Verdelite, Rubellite, Indicolite, Watermelon - by any other name look as sweet?

Tourmaline comes in a rainbow of colors, from completely clear, to deepest crystalline black. Tourmaline is an active and important gemstone family for deep spiritual work. I thought we’d explore some of my favorite red, blue, green and watermelonTourmalines. You might find yourself popping into the next gem and mineral show in your area.


Carrying a strong resemblance to Emeralds, Green Tourmaline, also known as Verdelite or Brazilian Tourmaline, is a popular and much sought after gemstone for both men and women’s jewelry. The greens range in color from a pale green to one that is so dark, it looks black until held up to a light. The bright bottle greens are much sought after by jewelers since they offer such brilliantly rich color.

As you would expect, spiritually, Green Tourmaline is a stone of the heart. It has been used for visualization and for activating the 3rd eye. The combination of heart and 3rd eye activation associates Green Tourmaline with seeing with the heart those things which are hidden. Green is also the color of nature, plants and Spring time.Green Tourmaline has been used by herbalists to assist with powering up herbal remedies and re-energizing our connection to the life and growth properties of nature. Since nature takes what no longer serves and recycles it as compost, supporting new growth, Green Tourmaline is associated with transforming things that are no longer useful to us into a source of growth, abundance and prosperity.Green Tourmaline is considered a very active spiritual stone.

Pink TourmalineRubellite

Similarly prized by jewelers, collectors and energy workers, is Rubellite, an especially beautiful and intensely pink through violet red Tourmaline. One of the important features of Rubellite is that unlike other gemstones whose color changes depending on whether it is seen in natural or artificial light, Rubellite shines beautifully in either light. And unlike many gemstones, Rubellite with fine inclusions are considered more interesting and prized by some collectors. The key with Rubellite is the color and way in which the light shines and reflects through the piece.

Spiritually, Rubellite Tourmaline is associated with love and creativity. It has been used to stimulate the root, sacral and heart chakras. This association connects it to physical reenergizing and strength, and invoking the healing strength of the heart. Physically, Rubellite has been linked with helping repair the reproductive and digestive systems, heart, lungs, and pancreas. Personally, I find Rubellite a wonderful stone for gently strengthening the depleted female body. I feel it offers a sense of warmth and abundant life force.


Indicolite, or Blue Tourmaline, can be harder to find than its sister Tourmalines. It is a stone often used for chakra balancing for either the throat or 3rd eye. Indicolite is associated with opening up communication centers, this means both receiving and giving. In spiritual practices, Indicolite is considered a very powerful stone for opening up the psychic awareness, and supporting one’s ability to gracefully and clearly express what one is experiencing. Here the link between the throat and 3rd eye are very logical and supportive. It is no surprise, therefore, that Indicolite is sought after by gem and mineral enthusiasts for chakra stone layouts on the body. It is a stone with deep connections to subtle layers of the energy field.

Watermelon TourmalineWatermelon

I have always thought of Watermelon Tourmaline as a fun and happy stone. So I chuckled when I looked it up in Melody’s Encyclopedia and found that she refers to Watermelon Tourmaline as a stone that “… encourages one to look past the seriousness of an experience or situation and to recognize both the benefit of, and the humour in, the experience/ situation …”(Melody, Julianne Guilbault. Love is in the Earth: The Crystal & Mineral Encyclopedia. 2008.)

Given the colors of pink and green included in the stone, we already know that it is a heart stone, balancing both the feminine and the masculine. The energy of this stone is of light heartedness and calm. It is also no surprise that children are often attracted to Watermelon Tourmaline. The stone carries a spiritual signature of joy and lightness, easing emotional heaviness. For this reason, I feel it is a really nice stone to gift a teen to help maintain some of that childhood sparkle, even as they begin entering the phase of responsibility and maturity.

Tourmaline comes in a variety of beautiful colors. What is important to remember is that regardless of the color, Tourmaline is a powerful spiritual healing gemstone. When choosing gemstones, trust that whatever stone you are drawn to is the appropriate stone for you to work with at this time. Sometimes what our heads think and what our bodies know, are two different things.

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Have fun exploring!