Backseat Passenger

by Anonymous

Smooth Riding I think I met my Guardian Angel.  It was an easy-going morning. I had just dropped my daughter off at school and had decided to stop at the library and pick up a few books. I had arranged to take the morning off from work, and since I was one of the owners, had a leisurely drive back to the office.

I was driving on one of the local south Florida highways. Since it was just after 10.30, traffic was moving well. I was in the left lane and going about 60 miles per hour.

Just in front of me was a motorcyclist. He had on a leather jacket and a black helmet. Since it was a pleasant morning, I was driving along very relaxed when suddenly from the back seat came what I thought was a male voice. It said, "And now you will see an accident."

Since this was Miami, with incidences of car jackings and other crimes, I honestly thought that I had someone in the back seat with me. My instant reaction was to slam my brakes on and swerve my car over to the right. I had intended to get off the road whatever means possible.

As I swerved over to the right, the motorcyclist that had been in front of me in the left lane, hit a rock in the roadway. It is strange how we hear accounts from people of scenes playing out in slow motion, but this was exactly my experience.

The motorcycle went up in the air and flipped. I saw the cyclist flying up and his motorcycle going up and over. Both of them landed in the middle of that left lane. It was with cold chills that I realized that if I had stayed in the left lane, I may not have reacted in time to prevent running over the cyclist as he came back down.

The really miraculous thing is that traffic in both lanes came to a slow stop. Someone coming in the opposite direction had pulled over onto the shoulder of the road and jumped the divider barrier to help the cyclist. The car ahead of the cyclist had also stopped and I had stopped in the right lane as well.

The cyclist was helped back up, his motorcycle appeared to be working, although it had a few dents. He was able to continue his journey after a bit.

Not surprisingly, I had looked in the backseat of my car and discovered that there was nobody there. Whether this was my angel, or the motorcyclist's angel, making sure that the man would not be injured or killed that day, I don't know. All I can say is that it left me very shaken. But I was very thankful for that intervention.

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