Haunting Dreams

by Anonymous

I am convinced that haunted places really do exist.  My family and I spend the night in a haunted cabin during a summer vacation.

The United States is a large country with a variety of scenic and cultural opportunities. Every year, we would take a family trip that included a national park or historic site. This particular year we decided to go to the Lake of the Ozarks and rent a cabin at the Park.

The cabins were quite large and comfortable. They had a living room area with a fold out couch, bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen area, and a nice screened-in porch in the back. The cabins had been built during the Great Depression and we were very happy with the accommodations and the wooded surroundings. We had driven for 2 days to get up there and it was a tremendous pleasure to unload the car and settle in for some relaxation.

Our daughter was 5 years old at the time and excited about the week we had planned to enjoy the scenic waterways and rolling countryside. There was a very tiny creek running down the hill near to the cabin - small enough that she could step over it, even as a child. She followed the creek up a ways and enjoyed the woods, feeling peaceful enjoyment.

All went well that afternoon. We unpacked our suitcases, made some dinner, and sat listening to the crickets until it was time to go to sleep. It had been a lovely day. We fixed up the fold out couch for our daughter and left the bedroom door ajar as we settled in for some needed rest.

Around 3 in the morning our idyllic rest was shattered. I woke up suddenly from a very disturbing dream where I dreamt that someone was trying to get in and hurt my daughter. It was a terribly frightening dream and I awoke with a start. I noticed that my husband was laying awake next to me. He asked me what was wrong and I mentioned my dream. It was then that he whispered that he had a similar bad dream. We were laying there in the dark for just a few minutes when our daughter came into our bedroom. She told us that she had been dreaming that someone was trying to get in to hurt her.

She remembered images of a man who then changed into a creature. The creature had red eyes. In her dream, it was looking in through the windows, and trying to get in through the kitchen doors. The kitchen door had a glass window in the upper half, and she saw in her dream that it was looking in, trying to open the door. The kitchen door was also the door that faced the woods behind the cabin and up the hill.

When she woke up, she said she could still feel a presence outside, looking in. She was terrified and came into our room to wake us up. When she came in, she found that we were already awake.

After listening to her story and realizing that all 3 of us had had essentially the same dream, we felt a cold sense of danger envelope us and that perhaps we had been given a warning. With that, we got up, and barricaded the bedroom door We looked around for a makeshift weapon which we put next to our bed and the 3 of us huddled on the bed until daylight. It was one of the longest nights we had ever experienced.

As soon as the sun broke and we could hear normal sounds outside, we got out of bed, and repacked our clothes as fast as we could. We gave an excuse of changed plans as we checked out that morning. The clerk, a young woman, was looking somewhat skeptical at our excuse. She asked several times if anything had happened at the cabin, if anything was wrong. We were too embarrassed to say we had gotten terribly spooked. We left the area as fast as we could and did not feel safe again until we had crossed the Mississippi river. We have never understood what it was that we experienced, and we never tried to research historical events in that area that may have accounted for the unsettling activity. One thing is sure though, we had all had a group experience.

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