A Red Light

by Anonymous

Over lunch one day, my friend Roy told me about a dramatic incident he experienced that forever convinced him that a guardian angel was quite literally watching over his shoulder.

As a young man, Roy had taken his girlfriend out on a date one night and was leaving her place at about two in the morning. On his way home, he came to a stop at a traffic light. Wanting to get home as quickly as possible after working all day and entertaining his girlfriend all evening, he contemplated running the light since the streets seemed absolutely deserted at that time of night. Thinking better of it, he waited rather impatiently for the light to change instead.

It suddenly turned green, and he was ready to punch his foot down on the accelerator. But before he could react, he felt a very firm, very distinctive pressure on his right shoulder, seeming to pull him back against the seat. It stopped him cold. Next thing he knew, a huge semi-trailer truck blew right past his car, right in front him, running the red light that had just changed.

Roy broke out in a cold sweat, not having seen or heard the truck coming his way. He knew that he would have been broadsided and completely crushed by that semi if something or someone hadn't have held him back. He had no explanation for what had just happened. The only thing that he had on his mind was getting home and getting to bed. Instead, some invisible force had made him pause, just when he was about to cross into the path of that truck.

From that day forward, Roy has been absolutely convinced that he is never alone and that a guardian angel is always watching out for him. More than just providing comfort, this experience has assured him that there is another realm. An invisible world exists that is only a touch away and involved in our lives in ways we can't even imagine.

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