The Happiest

by G.G.F.

The Happiest A message came
about you and about a butterfly
I was the butterfly and
were dependable, safe, and strong

At first the floods came
then ice and snow
It was cold that night
I danced by myself with
you watching
I didn't mind

And who knew in the middle
of such darkness
a seed was planted
and like a fever breaking
I sweated through another night
restless, frightened
reading by candlelight
begging Heaven
screaming for a release
for the cold darkness to end
for a true answer

And you were there
And I became a butterfly

And now three pots are waiting
to sprout on my balcony
plus a begonia, named Miss Mary

And it is the happiest spring
of my life
the happiest because I have found
the sun again

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