Splendors of Spring

by Barb Derick

Warmth is in the air,
My winter blues are lifted without a care,
The birds are chirping,
Telling each other stories with flare,
Spring is coming!
The World is like a flower blossoming anew,
Sing, Jump, Laugh, feel Renewed
Celebrate the rebirth of spring
And the wonders it brings.

God is alive, painting with vivid hues
Sky so white, daffodils so yellow, crocuses, violet and blue
Smell and feel the earth, dark, rich and new.
The smells wafting o’er us with blossoms, barbecues
and flower scents coming through

Kids are jumping for joy,
Skipping along for they finally can play with all their toys,
Ride their bikes,
Climb the trees to its’great heights
People flinging off winter wear
Transformation, bounce in the step
and a perpetual smile is everywhere.



Splendors of Spring


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