Life Is Perplexed

by Smriti Gupta

Neither I want to live, nor do I want to die,
All my soul wants to do is just cry.
There is no reason why I want this,
Common Smriti give it a try.

With my best friend I don't want to share, I don't want to hide,
Life seems a freaking and uneasy vehicle, I had to ride.

Don't know what am doing, where life is going,
Inside am dying world thinks am enjoying.
Destination is on the blink don't know why,
Want to come out of this state, it's annoying.

"Life is Perplexed" became my tag line,
Situations are mingled, I want to align.

How do I help myself, still don't know,
God please help me, I heartedly bow.
Not getting any idea any way out.
Don't know where, I just want to go.
Just want to go …


Life Is Perplexed


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