Butterfly by Amber

Butterfly I was a tumbleweed, body tightly locked in place. My arms tried to grip pieces of the earth and bits of a life but they were out of reach for my short imperfect bones.

Times moves and changes all; arms unwound and began to function like that of a clock. Time washes the world away; life stood before me like a prairie land. Untouched, sprawling plains crying for my soul to run free, to roll upon the earth and laugh at the drops the clouds could feed me.

I became a sunflower with a stem that grew toward the blue moon. My petals stretched outwards towards the great vast oceans. My leaves begged for the tears of the heavens.

Then time reached that flower and tore it from the soil. What then could I be but a creature. A slither being on the branches of a pine. I could glide on my belly but my arms were lost in some crevice of time, oh Time, it couldn’t leave me alone. It had stolen my pride and wiped clean my life.

But time shows mercy if you wait long enough. He returned with a greater gift than hands could bring. Time gave me wings. Great strong wings of painted glass. Sunlight bounced from their surface to light up the whole Earth.

Now I could fly, finally I touched that great current of life.

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