Celebrate the Spring Season

by Lorraine Yencsik

Celebrate the Spring Season Cannot wait until Spring appears, to start a new Spring Garden, filled with Sunshine, Birds, Stones, Butterflies and Grasshoppers. Lots of rain drops to make the Garden Grow. To experience the fresh air and to be able to dig into the ground to get those seeds planted. "To Start New Life" that’s what Spring brings. I plant my seeds and then when the work is all done, I say a small Prayer to bless my Garden, and then watch every day for a Garden Blessing to appear. Look carefully at your Garden, so you do not miss a Surprise. Put a nice small fence around your Garden to protect it. A Bird Feeder brings so much Love to your Garden and the Birds love the fresh water to drink and play in. Nothing better than to let my Big Tom Cat outside to wander around in the garden where he can roll around and get some Sunshine. Loves to catch a view from a bay window. As your Garden grows, watch every day for a new Miracle to Appear. Nothing better than to get some nice comments from your Neighbors, Visitors, and Passerby’s about your garden growing. Get down on those knees to get those weeds out, plus its good exercise for you and brings your Garden a Smile. Flowers bring Smiles to us all, and especially the Gardner. Birds fly around and sing a song. So be self, and create some fun for others to enjoy in life. Always Remember, I just planted the Seed, Who Made It Grow? Every day is a New Day in the Garden and a lot can happen, good and bad, so just for today I will enjoy my Garden that I did not do alone. I give Thanks for all who enter and hope they visit my Garden again Next Year. Until we meet again, Keep your eyes open and look out at the Earth's Beauty and enjoy today ...

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