Love of a Sweet Girl

by Vanishree

Love of a Sweet Girl Once there lived a girl named Sunitha. She look beautiful and she was a calm girl. She doesn’t like in fighting. She advised her friends not to be tough and to be a soft person. But the poor Sunitha was put into the comment on asking her advice. Even though she never stopped advising other. But as her friends teased her she had many problems as she was too calm and innocent but she overcome with her smile.

But not in the problem she faced at her age of 16. As she was beautiful all love to make friend with her as such way she got a dear friend named Hena she was not pretty as like Sunitha so she was too jealous about that. However Hena is Sunitha showed her true friendship over Hena. But the character of Hena is not to be good and she introduced Sunitha to boys on seeing her many boy was attracted by her. But a boy named Rahul was too good to her and he always asks Hena about Sunitha. This was noticed by Sunitha and a soft corner was developed on Rahul. But she didn’t show that out to anyone.

Then days passed both went away for their higher studies. Sunitha was thinking all about Rahul , and she also hoped that Rahul also will be thinking of her like she did and her concentration over the studies was missing and she lost her ranks and she didn’t bother about that and the days passed she moved about 5years in her life thinking of him.

Once she saw one of her friend studying in same college where Rahul also doing his studies. She was in eager in asking about Rahul but her friend herself started about him. Sunitha had a greatest shock that Rahul was love with another girl but that girl wasn’t in true love with Rahul . But the last sentence kept her friend kept her in a belief that Rahul would come back to her when he saw her. But the deep inside her heart the thorn pinched her that if he didn’t come to her again. So she want to expose herself that she was there for him, so she made an idea she went to his college but she could not find him there as they went for their tour and disappointed she came again and other thing she searched his phone number but he refused to give her.

Asking the refusal the total heart of Sunitha break into pieces and the pain she felt is the pain that no one could in the world would suffer worst pain. So she was more disappointed and could not concentrate in her work well. As such the days passed by and one day she went for meditation, she made this practice after the refusal of Rahul to get rid of all sorrows, she had a great thought “Why should I be like this I wasted my years for a person who is not true and why should I am more wasting days in sorrows for him, I should make my own way to my life to succeed.” And then the new day started for her. She went through the corridor she could find the bright sun which was dull before and she could hear the sweet song of the birds which was hearing to be crying before her mind was full of peace and she tried to forget about everything and small pearls dropped on her head that was the rain now her mind filled with joy on seeing the rain. And now she started her works she moved the full concentration over the studies but there are some flashes about Rahul came before her now she could overcome the flashes and concentrate over her studies. This made her to get well in her life, she entered a prestigious life.

All of us sudden she met Rahul in a shopping mall again she had all her curses and harsh over him but she didn’t show that in her face as she doesn’t love fighting and scolding she moved from him without bothering him. But Rahul came to her to talk to her, he came to her and talked to her as he talked before. She answered him and came out ignoring him. Then she shared her feelings with her close friend in her job sector, but the friend was a clever girl she advised her friend that there was no fault in Rahul as he don’t know the love of hers and he had just been a friend of her it is her responsible to know or to say her love to him. But it was all the fault was made by Sunitha, she didn’t expressed her love or she didn’t take any step to know is he love her or not she assumed herself that he is in love with her and she wasted the years. Now Sunitha was clear her mind was more clear than ever she could feel the clearance ever before. Now she was ashamed of her doing to Rahul on that day in the shopping mall. She awaited for the day to meet Rahul again to apologies her doing. But as god’s sake they met again in the same shopping mall after few days later now this time Sunitha went to talk to Rahul. She talked to him as before and at last she asked sorry to him he was puzzled why she asks sorry to him, and asked her the reason but Sunitha smiled at him and walked away.

The one thing Sunitha got from her life that one should express his or her feeling at the time he felt if not there will be no time to express the feeling later.

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