Dinnner At Its Best

by Eli Emanuel Palomares

Dinner At Its Best As much as they can, my parents try to buy food at least once a week. That way we never run out of food, but we also don’t have too much food that will go to waste. My mom usually blends a lot of fruit, vegetables, and oatmeal for us to drink with our food. Dinner is about the only time I can take my time to sit down and not have to gorge down my food. Every other time I have something important to do after I eat so I have to hasten. My mom always tries to make dinner as healthy as possible, but also as succulent as possible. It seems to me like the food is only made to be as healthy as possible. Ugh! There are times when my mom makes something really flavorsome, but those times are extremely rare. We position ourselves at the table so that we also have a good view of the T.V. There’s not much conversation at the table and most of it is often done by my mom. “Remember to finish your chores, don’ forget to take out the trash, did you behave in school, did you do your best in everything you did”? That’s basically the banter at the table, a bunch of orders from my mom. My dinner isn’t the most exhilarating part of the day, but it also isn’t the most awful.

My favorite holiday is Christmas, not only because of all the presents, but also because it’s almost the only day we ever have food done at its preeminent. This is when Dinner is at its best. There are many dishes my grandma makes for us on Christmas. Some examples are tacos, burritos, tamales, nachos, and much more. Christmas dinner is nothing like a customary day of dinner because on Christmas we forget all about the chores, taking out the trash, and school. We unwind, have a superior time and take pleasure in our meal. The conversation is also very different. Everyone talks about the excellent times they had in the past and what fun it is to get together again. As you may have noticed, dinner during Christmas is the most exhilarating part of the day for me.

Before every meal, my mom reminds us to pray to God for the food, family, and everything he has given us. Although we don’t talk too much during dinner, the things that are being said by my mom do mean a lot. She knows that if I take out the trash, finish my chores, behave in school, and do my best, it will help me become a better person and that tells me that my mom cares about my future as much as I do. Even though dinner isn’t too entertaining, it’s a time where my family and I can get together every day and discuss what’s on our mind. That’s an opportunity I can cherish forever.

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