Santa Claus Ain't Coming

by Matlyn Knott

I opened the stockings and oh what a sight
I dug and I looked my hopes all up tight
Where had they gone
Where could they be
There were no presents wrapped up just for me
Why had this happened
Why was this done
I was about to find out what had just begun
I ran over to the cookies for Santa all sad
had this really happened was it really this bad
looking down to the plate all sad
I now see a note on a note pad
"This year you will learn what Christmas is about
(Please there is no reason to scream and to shout)
For this year I am taking a break
Learn 'bout the manger for goodness sake
It is time you learned why we celebrate
This day
For right on this day God sent you his son
To lay in a manger around everyone
As people crowded near
Shepherds came there
He is born in a stable for there was no room for them
He was placed in a manger just for him
He was wrapped up real tight
But even awake not one single fight
For this is the reason we have it each year
This is one thing again you should hear
I thought you should hear this
I thought you might throw a fuss
But now you know
Now you heard
So merry Christmas to all afterwards"
May this Christmas be filled with joy and love
As God sits up in heaven and watches above


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