by Tomora Price

Bowl and Bone I miss you every day,
in so many ways:

Your empty bowl,
your breathing soul,

Your empty cage,
that has rusted with age.
Your silky fur,
I reach out and touch now, is all
a blur.

Every day of the week,
your wagging tail,
when you rise on your hind legs to greet me.
Your knocking over all of my shopping bags,
to get a glimpse of what's inside.
Your bark,
echoing throughout the house,
even in the dark.
When you're outside,
chasing a bird or a mouse.

Tiger, I still miss you so many ways,
throughout all of my days.
I reach out to touch you even though
you're no longer here,
and your aren't in fear.
I'll remember you forever
in my heart.

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