by Lorraine

A Beautiful Garden Seasons come and go, so does life, to see the beauty of Summer come, feel the sun, to experience a magical moment in your own Home Made Garden, to Plant a Seed in April and watch it grow into a piece of Beauty beyond our control is so Amazing.

To experience the earth, the soil, to create and Design your own garden is such a joy, to know it will develop into a piece of work well done. To See and watch others admire your work is such a good feeling, and for them to tell you how well you did and how much they desire your work.

A smile comes with a walk by the garden, and like how could that be? Makes you soul feel satisfied inside, because you did it all by yourself. It brings out the best in you and generates the power to influence others to do the same.

The beauty of a flower, the color of a leaf, to watch the birds fly and visit the garden, to help WILDLIFE, is a Blessing in itself. A bird feeder brings joy , and a bird bath, catches the flow of birds flying around and taking in the fresh water.

To watch nature taking a turn in your garden is such a great feeling. You created a turn for them to stop by and say hello, to you today. Brings out again Life and joy to the Earth of Life to you home and Garden.

To experience and see life in a Garden has its own price tag which is free to us all. So stop by one day and take time to experience the Earth and Nature around someone’s' Garden. While there is time to enjoy the moment. Just for today , take time, to stop and see a Garden and see what the message it brings to you today. Maybe you will get a smile and it will brighten up your day.

Enjoy this day and the earth that is out there, and feel the presence of it all.

Thanks for listening.

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