The Call of an Eagle

by Alex Chornyj

An Eagle in the American SouthwestCan humans and other life forms truly communicate?

The answer for those naysayers is that life exists in a menagerie of multiple, simultaneous interacting dimensions. Each circle representing a different domain is naturally interconnected by not a narrow, but by all encompassing life energy. This energy is present in all life forms. It is this very vibrational force which empowers such evolved, highly cognitively conscious entities from vastly different corners of the light spectrum to collaborate together. This is achieved in an atmosphere that integrates all cosmic portals reflecting a positive higher intention towards an enlightened center.

It is the focus of this enlightened center that caused eagles to start crossing my path. You might say that is odd, but these eagles carried a message from the skies directly towards me acting as an emissary. I was being guided, but only if I could decipher their message would I find my new starting point.

When I was at Long Beach which is near Tofino, British Columbia on Vancouver Island I had one such experience with this winged soothsayer. I had been out admiring the magnificent waves when my attention was drawn upward towards this creature with a huge feather to feather expanse. I felt a jolt in my being as he was above me which told me I was in the presence of a kindred spirit. My feeling at that moment was the exhilaration of finding a long lost friend. A tear rolled down my face as he was flying off in the distance. A door had been opened and I was only more than willing to walk through it. I had always this belief that life encapsulated far more than what was observed on the tip of one's nose. I didn't know exactly what was meant by this meeting, only that it had not occurred by chance.

There were a number of questions forming inside. My spirit guides were tapping their feet on the ground asking me if I could take a hint. I sure could and with my instincts involved there was again motion in my sub-conscious that had been dormant since my last earth walk. Like a pin being drawn to a magnet I was being led on a journey. This tunnel would ultimately lead me back to the source of my magnetic resonance.

I had a natural inquisitive nature when it came to such things. On a couple of occasions as a child when I was six and then eight years old I suffered two near death experiences. One was being hit by a car and the other was falling over thirty feet out of a maple tree. After the second accident I remember looking up and wondering why I was still in the physical realm. The answer was that I was an old spirit inside a young child's body. My presence was still required here for a future purpose.

From that time on I was always looking for a sign or signs. The first one caught me off guard due to the length of time in between incidents. I was acutely aware of this significance without any fear with regard to the ultimate destination. I had always been a free spirit and thinker, not restricted to what was a normal or basic ideology thrust upon an innocent mind. This to me was an affirmation of the principles still intact in me from my previous life.

So where on earth would I go from there and how long would it be until my next spiritual encounter?

Well, it was a year and change as I was travelling on a highway and another shadow fulfilled a premonition I had the night earlier. This one was a much closer contact even landing in a tree across the road. This action signified a deeper and more determined effort by the eagle to help me comprehend. I had a friend who was energy aware who provided this insight into the meaning of that visit. I stopped to observe him in the tree. There was a majestic, almost regal look about him. The barrier had been removed and I knew the true moment of revelation would be soon upon me.

It was only two months later while visiting a relative in Reno, Nevada that I felt a constant spiritual presence encouraging me to go to the Grand Canyon. There were only three days remaining before my departure and I remember saying to my relative that I sensed more than a missed opportunity if I did not act upon this inner guidance. A deep sense of foreboding was overcoming my lack of commitment. I did not know exactly where I was going; just that I'd know when I got there. I rented a car and I was off to reacquaint myself with the origins of my birthright in a foreseen rendezvous. I ended up outside of Williams, Arizona after a thirteen hour drive. The following morning I entered the park entrance by the eastern rim of the Grand Canyon.

I was travelling only for a short while before I was directed to a scenic outlook. Upon leaving the car there was an upwelling of emotion in my spirit and knowingness that I had found my enlightened center. There was a path leading down into the valley and I followed my inclination to traverse this for a while. Once more I felt the urge to look up and when I did, there were two eagles present. To me this was the symbolic meaning I had come home. The energies were so resplendent there, that I envisioned myself merging with a rainbow. I took some inspiring photographs of the eagles and the valley floor. I could only spend the rest of the afternoon there before returning back to Reno to catch my flight. My spirit attained a new oneness in those few hours of quiet meditation. It was then that I learned of my special gift with earth's natural elements. It was like I had never left this place and I swore to be no stranger again. The search for my purpose in life had been granted in one fell swoop from two compassionate parents. The child within me recognized the child from without. Comprehension had returned to my earthen eyes.

Upon developing the pictures I was able to see a father image looking down upon me with his caring orbs. I observed the head of a unicorn and a man and woman in an embrace encompassed with a purple hue. The valley appeared to be a scene from Egypt with the stone casing of a large sleeping Pharaoh, a sarcophagus in the background and a Buddha. I called this the land of the now awakened Pharaoh. I would encircle these pictures each day with a lemurian crystal to send healing, white light to this place.

As If this was not enough affirmation of my beliefs and direction I had a unique insight occur. One day while walking through my parents' gift store my hand went up towards a collector plate like it does when I feel a spiritual presence in the clouds. This was some two years later with regards to occurrence. I only knew then I had to have the plate. The significance only was revealed a few months later to me after hanging on my wall. The scene on the plate was exactly the same place in the pictures I had taken in my valley of Pharaohs.

The title on the back of the plate was "Where Eagles Soar.” A few shivers went up and down my spine that day. This plate had been hanging in my parents store for a quite number of years. I have since returned to the Grand Canyon and each visit brings a corresponding deeper feeling of synchronicity and harmony between my spirit and its enlightened center.

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