Strange New Place

by Mack Carson

Storefront Claire had just moved to New Jersey.

"What’s that place down the street mom?"Claire said.

"I don't know. Why don’t you go investigate?" her mom replied.

"Ok," Claire said. Claire went to the strange place. There were strange perfumes by the window. It seemed so dark. She went in. She suddenly had a great feeling of relaxation. There was a woman dressed from head to toe in some strange cloth.

"Um, what do you do here?" Claire asked.

"Why, we give fortunes," the woman replied. "Follow me."

Claire did not hesitate. This place was weird, but it was also comforting. The woman sat down at a small table with cards on it. She picked one up.

You have a pleasant surprise in your future," the woman said.

"Um ok," Claire replied. She left. Her mom noticed her coming in.

"What was it?" she said.

"Nothing" Claire lied. But she never doubted her whole life that the strange woman at the strange place was right.

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