One Language

by Alex Chronyj

Circle of Healing Stones The first time you went
To the enchanted circle
You felt subtle variances
A communication was re-established.

You came to a threshold
Once more bridged a gap
Loose ends were tied into one
You regained a higher vision.

Like passing through a light beam
There was a distinct difference
In your internal composition
Changing before your very eyes.

As solid became transparent
Enabling your particles
To remove the partitions
Had long kept them separated.

With these barriers extricated
A flow that had been impeded
Moved from a trickle effect
To a steady stream.

As you move towards
A second revolution
You sense a climate
With a renewed spiritual focus.

This metamorphosis
Sees you tap your unlimited potential
As you continue to evolve
You enter a stage of brilliance.

You attain a set of wings
Invisible to the human eye
But perceived in a spectrum
Of uncompromised knowledge.

Where all can realize
Their true inherent personas
No longer held
In a restrictive environment.

A release of your seed to the wind
Leads to a plethora
Ones, once reattached
Enables all life to speak one language.

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