A Touch of Beauty Within

by Anonymous

Goldfinch Just a moment of beauty yesterday as I heard a cry outside my bedroom door.

I opened it, and what did I see as it sang to me a beautiful song from the spirt of life?

It touched my soul for the moment. It was a beautiful bright yellow and black bird sitting on my sunflower I had planted by my door and just singing away. I wish I would have had a picture at the time, it was awesome look of beauty of the earth, and you knew it was something special and it just touched my soul and inner self so much for the beginning of a new day.

What a way the great spirit talks to us all if we just look and listen outside. It’s all waiting for us to receive the inner beauty of the world and how special it really is, even for a moment. Just had to tell you this as just happened yesterday. It’s all real and beauty beyond control. Love Life and enjoy what’s in it, look around and you just might be surprised of what you may be touched with just for a moment.

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