Spring Writing Contest 2009 Winners

Spring Writing Contest Winners As we move into the Summer months, another wonderful Spring is soon past us. We received great submissions this year for our annual Spring Writing Contest.  Deciding the prize winners is always difficult, but we were finally able to narrow down the winners. Congratulations go to ...

  • First Prize goes to Tantalizing Tastes by Robyn B. Robyn receives a $35.00 gift credit to our online store.
  • Second Prize goes to Our Baby Bird Sings by Cathy Crenshaw Doheny. Cathy receives a $25.00 gift credit to our online store.
  • Third prize goes to The Lost Days of My Life by Abhi Jeeth. Abhi receives a $15.00 gift credit to our online store.

We will be notifying the winners personally within the next few days.

Thank you all for your wonderful submissions, and we look forward to more throughout the rest of the year!

All submitted work was posted on whisperingtree.net. All submissions were considered to fall within the contest parameters of seasonal, personal, inspirational, uplifting, touching, motivational, or heart-warming stories, poems, or essays up to 2,500 words. All judging was done by the whisperingtree.net staff, anonymous, and all prize decisions are final.

A great thanks to all who participated in the contest, and congratulations again to the winners!


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