Holiday Writing Contest 2008 Winners

Holiday Writing Contest 2008 Winners Another joyous Holiday Season has come and gone. We received great submissions this year for our annual Holiday Writing Contest. Deciding the prize winners is always difficult, and this year was our toughest decision by far, so far. Because our decision was so hard, we are including a few honorable mentions in our list just to let them know that we really did consider them great entries.

  • First Prize goes to Crossroads by Kimberley Reeves. Kimberley receives a $35.00 gift credit to our online store.
  • Second Prize goes to Gransma by Samantha S. Samantha receives a $25.00 gift credit to our online store.
  • Third prize goes to Be Careful What You Wish For by Christine Gray. Christine receives a $15.00 gift credit to our online store.

We will be notifying the winners personally within the next few days.

And our honorable mentions include: Every Unique Snowflake by Alexandra Michelle, Simple Things in Life by Eve Hall, Lily Scuttle by Nancy Felix, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas by CBD-Ellison.

Thank you all for your wonderful submissions, and we look forward to more throughout the New Year!

All submitted work was posted on All submissions were considered to fall within the contest parameters of seasonal, personal, inspirational, uplifting, touching, motivational, or heart-warming stories, poems, or essays up to 2,500 words. All judging was done by the staff, anonymous, and all prize decisions are final.

A great thanks to all who participated in the contest, and congratulations again to the winners!


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