A Light That Shines

by Michelle Irene

Shining Light God gave each and every one of us a light that shines. God gave us a heart that opens to a beautiful garden deep within our souls. As we open our hearts, by acts of kindness and forgiveness, we begin our own special journey on the road to Joy. Along the way, we notice the many wonderful colors of the flowers that God has planted. We stop, smell the flowers, and open our hearts to the beauty of them. As we breathe in their wonderful fragrance, we smile and feel good so deep within our souls.

As we continue our journey up our pathway, we can't help but notice how blue the sky is. It is like looking into the heavens, and this allows our heart to glow like bringing comfort to the darkness. We smile, we even shine! As we travel further up the path, we meet many wonderful people who are also travelling, and we stop to greet them and share a kind word, perhaps a smile, all along knowing we are all brightening the flame that lights our own special light within.

Further up on the road we feel as though we are the road we are travelling. We feel as though we are the flowers, we are the blue sky, we are the universe! We stop for a moment and offer our thanks to the great God, to the vast and almighty universe, and yes, we even thank ourselves. For it is deep within each and every one of us that our own light glows. We are the keepers of our own lights and we are here now to keep the flame brightly burning and to share with everyone the comfort and glow that shines deep within our hearts. We can each thank God for our own special light.

Daily Affirmations

I am the keeper of my own special light.
May I always give thanks.
May I always practice kindness.
May I always shine peace and light inside and outside of my soul.

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