Lily Scuttle

by Nancy Felix

A Very Old Plastic Pony Lily Scuttle
Was a little brat
Who never thought
She couldn’t get more than that
Lily Scuttle
Was a wrapped in a bubble
And always managed to get into a huddle
When she got into trouble
Lilly Scuttle
Was a selfish twerp
Who always wanted most things for herself
And always got more than she could bear
Now this Christmas
Lily Scuttle
Wanted a pony
That was the color of mahogany
But to her little mishapy
This year she wouldn’t get so lucky
Because this year little miss Lily's Scuttles
Parents were facing a money deadlock
That it was hard to get away from
So Little Lily Scuttle
Had to settle for a plastic pony
By the name of rosy
That was not one bit mahogany
And left her much melancholy
So Lily Scuttle peered out her window
And saw little Cloe Sindoe
Playing with a mundane toy
That could not rival
Lily's Scuttle's trifle
And suddenly realized that
Whatever she had
Was a gazillion times better
Than anything little miss Sindoe's parents could get her
Thus leaving Lily Scuttle
To make a rebuttal
To little Sindoe's trouble And give her, her trifle.
She walked outside across the street
And handed her horsey along with a greet
That left Cloe Sindoe with much glee
And surprise
As well as tiny Lily Scuttle
Who suddenly felt elated
By giving away her trouble
To a girl that felt more humble
Than her
And this joy lasted all throughout this Christmas Holiday
And the next and next and the next until Lily grew old
And she foretold
About a girl
Who turned into
A little cherub
Who never thought
She deserved more than that
And who was free from the bubble
That got her into trouble
And that no longer made her huddle
Which also made her the most selfless being
That always wanted more for others than herself indeed.
This is the story of Lily Scuttle.

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