Every Unique Snowflake

by Alexandra Michelle

A Snowflake As Katie was playing outside in the backyard, she thought about the wonderful snowflakes that would soon be falling down on her. She stood against the fence staring at the cloudy sky waiting for the lovely white snowflakes to finally come after a long season of autumn. She wondered what snowflakes looked like up close. She wished that they would stay awhile instead of melting a second after they fell on her finger.

She waited hours and hours, there was no sign of the snowflakes. She went inside, took off her jacket and went to bed. When she woke up, she went outside, there was snow everywhere! She was spinning in circles staring up at the sky with her tongue stuck out all the way. She did that for a while until she saw something huge fall out of the sky. It was a giant snowflake!

"Get on!" said the snowflake. Katie jumped on to the snowflake. Unlike regular snowflakes, this one flew up instead of floating down. Katie was sitting on the snowflake staring down at the wonderful patterns and shapes she was sitting on. She didn’t mind the coldness.

"How do you like my patterns?" said the snowflake. Katie was too amazed to respond. She sat there and sat there inspecting all the shapes and lines on the snowflake. There were curvy lines, straight lines and lines that Katie couldn't identify. She closed her eyes. She felt the coldness of the winter air on her face.

She opened her eyes and found herself lying in her bed. That is when she knew that it was all a dream. She wasn't really flying on a giant snowflake. At least now she knew that every snowflake is unique and all have wonderful patterns on them.

She got up and saw that her window was all fogged up. She rubbed all of the fog off with her hand and saw that the ground was covered in snow. It was finally snowing. She threw on her winter jacket and ran outside. Her mother was starring at her from the window smiling at the joy she saw in Katie's face.

Katie was outside all day, examining each snowflake's unique design and daydreaming that she was floating on a giant snowflake again. She was so grateful for the season that she loved called Winter.

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