The Summer of My Life ...

by D.G.

Danube and Sava Firth in Belgrade There is a place in my hometown of Belgrade, where you can close your eyes and feel closer to heaven. It is for those who appreciate nature and all the nature has to offer. The confluence of the grand rivers Sava and Danube.

On a beautiful, hot September day I took a stroll down the river bank, a promenade made for people in love, just to take a break from the daily chores and errands. Little did I know that that September day was going to mark a beautiful new chapter in my life.

As the swift but warm breeze was caressing my face, it was carrying me into other dimensions. I was passing by the dreamy fishermen watching them fish their daily hauls. Nearby proud dog owners were playing "Fetch the stick" games with their puppies. The wild ducks were performing an enchanting ball right there in front of me. Only the mosquito bites were the unpleasant part of the afternoon walk but seeing the children on their bikes smiling at me made it all go away.

I was walking without a destination in mind, just walking and watching the international cruise ships come in into the port. My eyes crossed path with a pair of most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. The ship just came in from Hungary .A tall blond guy was looking at me. As if though I had been mesmerized by the sun ,a strange but interesting thought came to my mind. "I will be his guide for today"!

It seemed as if we thought we had the same thing on our minds. He started walking in my direction. I stood up from the bench I was sitting on, and it was like a strange force was binding us, I shook his hand and said my name.

"Welcome to Belgrade stranger."

He smiled at me and said, "My name is Ivan.”

I thought to myself "What a beautiful name," and took him by the arm. "Any special requests now that you’re a guest in our city?"

“Only one" he said. "For you to let me take another glance at your beautiful dark eyes.” I blushed but I was flattered. So we headed down the promenade made for people in love as now we were in the same category.

It all happened so fast, he told me about his family, and that he was actually half Greek , half Brazilian living in Hungary. His dad was the ambassador of Greece working in Hungary. His mom came to Greece as a student.

We talked about everything and didn't even notice how the time flew by. He needed to go back aboard. We exchanged our telephone numbers and our e-mails and after a long sweet kiss I wished him a safe trip back to Hungary. Now we're celebrating our second anniversary.

He comes to Belgrade just to see me and I go to Budapest to spend time with him and his family. We've become so close that we are almost inseparable at times. Our relationship is based on thrust and lots of love. We often like to remember how our story started , he confessed to me that he fell in love with me the moment he saw me .And I can say the same.

Now that we both are in our final year of college, we plan to go study some more in some other country. We have so many plans together and we believe that that one summer changed our lives for good, for the better, of course. My life is now full of joy and I always will remember that September day as something so beautiful.

Thank you Ivan.

Thank you Summer.

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