Worn Out Road

by Shelly Wiseberg

Old Road Nicotine stained hands
yellowed with age
cracked fingers shaking
inhaling his last breaths
drinking bottles of cheap wine
hardship his only crime.

Sunken in eyes gone misty
remembering a different life
from long ago now a distant memory
numbing every trace
of their loving faces
from his pain stricken mind.

Many harsh winters passed
through every season
roaming on endless street
begging for money
for something to eat and drink.

The open spaces his shelter
with weathered sky overhead
stripped naked and bare to the soul
he trudged along on the endless road
going to nowhere.

Broken were his heart and dreams
sad memories still consumed him
following him like a shadow
through drunken binges
and smoked filled rooms
with other strangers whose lives
were also ruined.

As he laid his head down to rest
from his inner journey
of haunting thoughts weary to the bone
from exhaustion he closed his eyes
for the last time using the stars
as his pillow.

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