Summertime Inspiration

by A.M. Halawa

Sanative of the overworked mind
Ubique there are trees in bloom
Mabsoot because of the freedom of daily shackles
Maugre the heat there is the breathtaking beauty of nature to enjoy
Eclat of the sweet-smelling grass and pollen
Racemations of vibrant flowers to be picked

Ianthine, periwinkle and crimson-the world is a rainbow of hues
Systatic the reality of work and unfulfilled dreams of the future

Azuline sky overlooking peaceful meadows

Twixt little farms domestic animals graze
Iwis the poetic mood of this season can inspire anyone
Muriated foods are prepared for the upcoming year
Expurgated thoughts of people on Earth

Obambulating in the pine scented woods
Fragrant wild roses blowing in the breeze

Jauncing and celebrating the magic
Oblectation in letting the sounds of nature wash over you
Yapness for more of this mild, pleasing weather

Avolitional feeling of living in harmony with nature
Nutrication of an artist’s creativity
Debarrassing everyone of their usual dull obligations

Izzat of Labour Day
Novity of various activities
Susurrus bushes in the evenings
Pactolian beaches inviting suntanners
Ignifying fires at camp
Ruppellary mountains to be explored
Atmosphere is calm, fruitful and sincere
Twinkling stars seen overhead
I will never forget the excitement
Of these past months only a poem or memory will remain
Nevertheless, soon summer will pass by once more

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