One of the Greatest Gifts

By J.L. Williams

Love Waiting was the worst part. How do you ask someone to help with something so big? Will she do it? Will she set aside nine months of her life to help complete strangers? Every emotion swims through me as I stare at the phone. Then it rings … she will do it!! After eight years of not being able to carry a child on my own, a wonderful gift has been bestowed upon me and my husband. A young woman has agreed to be our surrogate!

What started as a dream that each couple may have, became a nightmare for me eight years ago when I was told I could never carry a child of my own. Years of invitro, three miscarrages and many heartbreaks later; I realized I was running out of options. What was happening to me and why? After talking to friends and family I'd given up on knowing the joys of feeling that first kick, the days of morning sickness would never be felt, and the pain and joy of labor would never be mine.

I was turned to the option of a surrogate. The baby would biologically be mine and my husbands, but she would carry it. Who in their right mind would want to do that for a stranger? Who would want to have all the affects of stretch marks, morning sickness, blood test, needles and everything else that went with having a child, just to give it to someone else?

Well? She did! She accepted the task, our prayers and wishing were answered! On March of 2007 our first beautiful boy was born via our surrogate! Is there a more precious gift anyone can give someone? There are so many questions and concerns about surrogates, one only needs to check in to the process. A woman who started out as a complete stranger, has become a member of the family. We've become a parents thanks to the rented womb of a wonderful lady!! Children are a joy that everyone should experience, and a gift that keeps on giving with some new little miracle each and every day.

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