Life's Rejuvenation

by Emily Cunningham

Earthdrop The soothing aroma of freshly cut grass permeates through the swift April winds. Newborn creatures stretch their faces to the warmth of the sun. Mature buds burst open to reveal the beauty hidden within. The ground that was once a blanket of white has blossomed into an array of colors. The harsh, cold weather of winter has come to an end. Dances, festivals, and holidays are awaited with anticipation as the new season flourishes. Children emerge from every home to find a friend to chase, a bike to ride, or a tree to climb. The rejuvenation is here. Spring has arrived.

Every spring the world is granted the blessing of new beginnings. Animals welcome their young, plants regain their blossoms, and families celebrate rebirths. Birds return to their northern homes after a long journey south. Reuniting animals roam through the new vegetation celebrating the end of hibernation. Farms overflow with new arrivals. Spring has brought new life.

Spring guarantees more than infant animals. Plants are revived from the cold, damp earth. Daffodils are the first to come, but tulips closely follow. The wild flowers that roam the fields are blooming with deep violets and yellows. Yards are spotted with dandelions, little yellow drops of sun, and need to be trimmed and weeded. Finally, the dogwoods shed their buds to reveal pink and white petals. The mountains are filled with color again.

Fleeing from every school yard, children rush home for a week of revival. Parks are filled with giggling youth exploding with joy. The celebration of Easter gathers families from every town. Little boys and girls roam the hillsides in their church clothes with the hopes of finding painted eggs. Easter Sunday picnics, and spring break travels refresh family bonds.

Spring means far more than the change of seasons. With gentle passion, the earth is rejuvenated. Families, animals, and plants are brought back to life. New beginnings, fresh starts, and revamped love are all products of the spring. Celebration seeps from every creature. After a long tiring winter life is reborn.

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