by Kara Audette

Daises by an Old Iron Gate It is not astonishing that spring is the favorite season among many people. This season is a sign of change, restoration, revival, and growth. For me, living in Minnesota, spring has always marked the transition from a long, dark, cold winter to a warm, green, and carefree summer.

I like winter, fall, and summer, but after having been cooped up in the house for six months of the year, nothing compares to walking outside into the fresh, crisp spring air. Astronomically, spring starts at the end of the winter solstice, or March 20th, but for me, I know the beginnings of spring have just arrived when I hear the birds chirping outside in the morning. And of course, nothing comes close to seeing the mountains of accumulated snow in your yard melt away as the sun glistens down on it. Simply put, spring springs everyone and everything into action again from the hibernating squirrels to the brightly colored flowers. It seems that spring brings good attitudes, as if the blossoming flowers and budding trees have a positive effect on people.

Spring is the perfect transition between winter and summer. It is a chance to say goodbye to the previous winter and welcome the incoming summer. 

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