by N.S.Shuman

Shadow Hello?
Are you there?
If so I hope your listening.
Could I ask you some questions?
They've been on my mind and
I keep meaning to get them out.
I wonder sometimes
about you and how everything going where
you are.
I wonder
if you ever miss me and if so
is it the same for you as it is for me?
Do you sit and think of me?
Of what we could be,
would be,
if only you were here or
I were there.
Do you long to hold me
like I long to be held by you?
Does it all hurt as much for you as
it does for me?
How could it possibly?
Sometimes when your alone,
even hanging out with friends,
does your mind ever drift to thoughts of me?
Just sitting and wondering what I'm doing
and if I still think of you as I did before.
Do small things,
like something said by someone
or something someone does remind you of me?
Does things you notice like
a smell, a song, or
even something you see that I would like
make you think of me?
Does it make you long for those few short thirty minute long
lunches we were able to see each other,
be near each other?
I wonder sometimes if it’s the same for you
as it is for me.
Do you dream and wake up in the middle of the night
to reach over and wish I was laying beside you?
If so,
does it hurt for some reason?
So deeply somewhere you can't describe?
Do you still want me as you did before?
Hey! Are you still there?
You’re not drifting away from me are you?
Are you?
If so,
I hope it's not too far.
OK … One last question.
Do I exist to you in your mind,
in your new world,
in your life at all?
I really hope so.
I hope it is not just me. 

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