The Most Known Day

by Francisco

Merry Christmas! Christmas is the most known holiday,
  But what makes this day more special than any other day?
Could it be the presents or account of love,
   Or maybe the blessing from the good Lord above?
Some say giving is better than getting,
  And the love you'll get will be worth not forgetting.
All for one and one for all,
  Christmas is here so let's have a ball.
Unwrap mines and I'll unwrap yours,
  Just look at the presents all over the floors.
Christmas cheer, cheer, CHEER,
  The time is here, here, HERE!
Good things come to those who wait,
  You're here early because Christmas is never late.
Still the best gifts don't come in a box,
  Nor a bow or a ribbon, but this still rocks.
This gift is something so precious,
  And something so priceless,
  That when you get it, you'd be lifeless.
It's that one gift you can't get a store,
  But no matter what you can always get more.
It's the gift of love and the gift of joy,
  The Lord's most precious toy.
He wants you to have fun,
  All because you'll never know what you'll get for the next one! 

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