Christmas Cheer

by Shaina

Eager Seats Read to the tune of It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year with my neighborhood greetings and family feastings, oh it's so near, it's the Shaina's Christmas story of the year. There will be, stories of laughter and stories right after of my Christmas Cheer. There will be thoughtful traditions and long line admissions of the family's wishes for Christmas. It's the most exciting time of the year!

Read to the tune of Carol of the Bells/ Winter Wonderland

Hark how the lights, green blinking lights, my mother seems to say, "Don't put them away!" She starts complaining, "It's already started raining!" I need to help decorate this house. Gaily I scream while she stares me, "Decorate the tree." Oh, lucky me. "Shaina you need to help me wrap the presents!" "Shaina you need to help me wrap the presents!" Over and over again, this will never end then she took a breath and told me to rest. Then she looked at me very suddenly and asked me if I wanted to see, the Rockettes. Then I said, "Yeah.” A few days later, door bells ring are you listening. In the street, the Fed Ex glistened a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, looking at my Rockette tickets. On Wednesday, it's the big show, my mom is praying it does not snow. I'm very excited and so delighted strolling though the glamorous Times Square.

Excited Night, I can't sleep tonight. Oh, it's come! Oh, it's time to go see the Rockettes with my mom. I'm so happy, exstactic, not calm. Alarm clock bells alarm clock bells ring at 10a.m, Today's the big day I hope it never ends. Dressing up nicely with scarfs and gloves, hats, coat and all of the above. Then we, took the bus took the train to NYC, the most beautiful place that I have ever seen. Strolling and walking through the bright Time Square in the frosty air. What a nice time to see the Rockettes kicking and dancing away. We wait on line it's almost time to see the Rockettes dance. I'm so excited and delighted I want to be a rockette when I'm older.

We finally get into the Rockafella Center and it was extravegant. The Chandellear had to be about 14 feet tall. It's so amazing in here. All you see is the people rushing to go to their seats. Then the show began.

Read to the tune of Oh, Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how beautifully the Rockettes be, it's amazing and enchanting I always will be ranting.

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