Holiday Magic

by M. Trapp

Holiday Wind Christmas winds are blowing through the town
The family and I have just decided to clown around.
Big snowball fights under the gigantic pine trees
And hot cocoa sipped merrily.
There is chitter chatter about what Santa will bring,
The little kids gather 'round to sing.
Christmas carols are sung
Mistletoe is then hung.
Christmas Eve comes at long last,
The family gathers for a party and has a blast.
Dessert comes with cookies and cake,
The little children want their presents and can't wait.
Into the living room for holiday games and fun,
The children complaining, they want their toy gun.
Mother and father telling them to behave,
Or else Santa will pass up our house on his sleigh.
Finally off home for bed,
The children have visions of toys in their head.
Christmas morning finally arrives with cheer!
The children are excited, their toys are now here!
They rip off the wrapping paper in a flash,
They run away with their toys in a dash.
Merry Christmas to all
May it be merry and fun,
This is the end of my holiday poem
It is now done. 

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