Familial Christmas

by Darren Castro

Merry Christmas! Warm blanket envelops her smile,
I hope she stays sleeping just for awhile.
Mother, her protector, watches her sleep,
Careful of noise; only woks, creeps.
Father just arrived, shuts the door,
Snowstorm outside, snow on the floor.
Sister runs around the Christmas tree,
Father steps aside, "Let her be."
Car in the driveway, who arrived?
My aunts and uncles, their joy deprived.
But when they come in, all worries are gone,
As the baby's presence and warmth have won.
We all gather around the tree and presents,
Joy is here - it is the baby's presence.
Sister is first to unwrap her gift
It was a book designed to uplift.
Mother carefully tears the paper,
And unveils a brand new caper,
For it was a DVD of Ocean's 11,
That she received from familial brethren.
And so we're ready to enjoy,
The sound of bells and opening of toys.

Deck the halls,
We'll have a ball,
Merry Christmas, one and all! 

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