by P.Grabowski

Green Gift Have you ever seen a child just like me? Take a look at me on Santa’s lap I'll be. “Hey Santa I want a pony, no a dog. No, wait, what I really want is my Dad!”

“Ho Ho Ho!” he said. “A pony is too big to fit in my in my sled. It may also chew off my head. A dog to big a mess to bring with me , and your dad is far away. So what do you say? You what a board game or something sane?” “No,” I said to him and walked away into the day filled with snow to watch my show. The days passed one by one. There goes the sun under the shrouds of clouds.

The days got cold and dark, and Christmas would make its mark .A mark on my mind, I would visit from time to time. Fading, drifting, dying after all my years of lying. Snow, a low, low blow to my heart that grows dark when I'm alone and without a phone. The light drifts in from the window early in the cold winter air.

To my dismay under my tree was one box with a green bow. My mom was there, so was my grandparents and my sister and dog. Even my aunt from Maine was there. My mom said, “Open the box!” So, I did and from its depths came out my Dad. I was no longer sad. 

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