The Holidays

by J.L Toczynski

Hot Chocolate Gazing out the diamond encrusted window,
It'll be a white Christmas this year!

Presents lining the wooden floors,
Mom sipping on hot cocoa, with marshmallows!

A big feast presented at dinner-time,
We clasp hands to say grace.

Thanking God for the miracles he has brought!
Thanking the heavens for making us fortunate this Christmas day!

We'll go to mass and share our wealth with everybody there!
All the children at their own tiny table, eating up delicious treats!

Seeing toys that say their name,
Opening the wrapping, declaring, "Wow this is neat!"

Kisses under the mistletoe, and friends all come around,
Family you haven't seen in years happen to pop-up in town.

Remembering all the good-times from when we were all young,
Now everyone remember that Christmas-time means fun!

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!
Don't stay up too late and don't drink too much egg nog!

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