Christmas Gift

by Meredith Wilder

Gift The day after Thanksgiving
Is the day Christmas starts.
All the parents rush out
With rage in their hearts.

Honking and screaming
Every curse in the book.
They will get to Best Buy
By hook or by crook.

But one little boy
At the store with his Ma
Simply stared at the cars
Just gaping in awe.

"But, Mom," he said,
His voice all a-quiver.
"Why are they so angry?"
He gave a small shiver.

Tim's mom replied sadly,
In a very tense tone,
"I simply don't know, dear,
So darling, don't moan."

Yet Tim was unhappy,
It was Christmastime now.
He could make people happy,
But he didn't know how.

As the shopping continued
Things only got worse.
One woman was irate
Striking out with her purse.

But then at the market,
A gal dropped her case.
So Tim quickly helped her,
And saw joy in her face.

It was then that Tim knew
He could give the best gift.
Without spending a cent,
He gave her a big lift.

So remember this Christmas
That the best gift of all
Is just sharing the joy
No matter how small.

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