We're All Connected

by Trish Drum

Chart the Growth by Brenda Ferrimani As the wind blows
and the seas crash down
not a living thing,
avoids the ground.

The energy soars,
and the energy calls
It goes to extremes
and it sometimes falls.

No matter the source
it all looks the same,
yet somehow we all
will find it a name.

We explain it away
and call it unfair.
Yet we summoned the storm
we feel in the air.

A tree fallen down
protecting her own.
A mother of nature
that hasn't yet grown.

We all are connected
this energy we feel.
Whether human or not
the connection if real.

I am my enemy
my anger extreme
I am my laughter
my hopes and my dreams.

Feel it within
know that it's there.
The peace that we look for
the love that we share.

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