Moving Forward

by Shelly Wiseberg

Circles Going back to moving forward,
finishing the unfinished.

Meeting around the circle
of completion on the journey
without any secrets.

The secret is that there is no secret,
all the knowledge and wisdom is internal.

Using your intuition and inner voice,
in guiding your way.

History can repeat itself,
when you are not fully looking.

Patterns sent in motion
not completely broken
of the endless cycle
of not knowing.

To guide your own destiny
the answers are inward
not grasping from outer sources
it is easy to follow
so be your own leader in your quest
for inner fulfillment.

Trust yourself to make it happen,
and move ahead.

Create your own visualization
through thought and action
living the life you truly want
by giving it to yourself.

Going back to moving forward,
tie up all the loose ends
of unfinished business
and come full circle in knowing.

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