Heavy Breathing

by Anonymous

Where the Wind Blows I admit that I am a believer in the supernatural world, in ghosts and fairies and things that go bump in the night. Still, I like to think of myself as someone that stops and tries to evaluate things from a critical perspective. Often, those noises I hear in the night are the sounds of the tree outside my bedroom window scraping against the side of the house with the wind. And, the occasional popping sound comes from the wood in the house expanding and contracting with the change in temperature. These things I know and understand. Yet, I was never able to come to a definitive conclusion about the following incident.

One night, I was lying in bed and almost at the point of sleep. I was under the blanket and laying still. I tend to move very little in my sleep and fall asleep fairly easily. The next thing I know, I started to feel as though someone’s face was just inches from mine blowing their breath into my face, not once, but repetitively.

I became instantly alert and opened my eyes. There was nothing in front of me, but I observed with a detachment I could barely believe was mine, that the blowing of the breath continued.

I switched into analytical mode and started to take an assessment of my environment and the situation. The windows and doors in my room were shut. The overhead fan was off. I then started to wonder if perhaps the breath across my face was due to some odd convergence due to my own breath perhaps bouncing off the covers. But my face was not covered. I decided to experiment and hold my breath to see if the blowing would stop. I lay there and held my breath, and to my surprise it made no difference. The breath blowing across my face continued as if someone was simply breathing over me.

At this point, I was at a loss. I was alone in a room with windows and doors shut, fan off and holding my breath. Yet, still, I felt as if someone or something continued to blow their breath across my face. I decided to take matters into my own hands, got up, washed my face and said out loud to whoever might be listening that they needed to leave. I had work in the morning and I needed to get my sleep. So, I went back to bed. And, at no time did I feel any sort fear, only bafflement.

Prior to this incident, my acupuncturist encouraged me to go take Reiki training. After the third time the topic came up and following my nighttime visitation, I decided to look into it. Lo and behold, a class was starting in a few weeks, so I went ahead and signed up. I knew very little about Reiki and figured I’d just go and check it out. I could not contain my gasp of shock when during the final section of the class when we were each sitting quietly in chairs around the room, eyes closed, meditating while awaiting our final blessing and activation, the Reiki master came around, placed his hands on my head and then blew into my face and across my crown.

After the session I asked if I could speak privately to him. I mentioned my incident of someone blowing in my face. As he sat and listened, I saw him begin consulting with his guides. He told me that that I was like a child who walks upon a vast open shore and picks up shells. Some I keep, some I put back, but there is an innocent wonder and sense of discovery at looking at all these different spiritual paths. He told me that my visitor had been an old Reiki master and I was being encouraged to learn Reiki as one of the stations along the way of my spiritual path. One thing was certain, the Reiki training definitely awakened something inside me and opportunities to explore other spiritual healing practices began to all into my path.

Whoever my breathy visitor was, I appreciated their help.

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