A Thought for the Day

by Mikala

Butterflies While the universe is unfolding in our presence; it reminds us of a mystery. We don't really know the details of how and when. Sometimes it may even look like: why? Yet, as we look back, if we flow with what is presenting, it can very much look like a script being unfolded.

When I look at my life, I find myself amazed at all the wonderful soulful men around me. Those from my work, and those from my other life. I'm reminded of a time last summer, as I sat with a Buddhist master, who mentioned to me all the soulful men who would be in my life, especially starting in December. That they were coming to help me evolve, to stay on my path - or in my words, to find it. Actually, he added that they were mostly from past lives. And, this blessing is here.

I'm also reminded of the hard times I had as a child, where abuse came from the doings of men. How easy it would have been for me to live my life with a tainted perspective of men, to never have learned to trust, or truly love. I marvel at what the universe has provided, so that my heart can open. So I can live my questions, as a rose opening. So I can finally get unconditional love.

So I see that really what I need to do, is be true to my authentic self, to be quiet, to listen, and to observe. To follow the signs. To find my path unraveling in front of me. To find the part of me that can be of service to others. To marvel at the mystery. To become full of gratitude.

As I look at the next few months, I see areas where I really just don't know which way, how or when, they will turn. But turn they will. I know this for sure, and I also know I can't make decisions today because it's too soon. I would be attempting to make the future go a path, based upon today's info, but without tomorrow's insights.

So again I find myself looking at the mystery. And knowing, an answer, a resolution, multiple resolutions are in the works, but they are not mine to determine, yet. They are coming towards me. I can only sense them, but not see them clearly.

As I look around, I see this also true for so many of my dear friends. Our paths are growing, we are blossoming, as a butterfly about to fly. We are on our way with service, mystery, and lots of gratitude.

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