A Story of a Rose

by Steve Judd 

Moon with Roses Sun. A seed, vibrant in its completeness, solid in its identity and purpose, all knowing and all being, yet restless. So the seed takes in nutrients and water, and seeks to go beyond its shell. The magical moment happens as the seed cracks open, and the first shoot emerges. The individuality has been lost, contact is being attempted.

Moon. The seed sends out shoots and tendrils, both up and down. Down to consolidate roots, up to explore possible futures. It builds a support network of foundations and basis, and sends little green shoots to break the surface.

Mercury. The shoot accelerates into rapid skyward growth, the adolescence of the plant, stretching, growing and learning at an exponential rate.

Venus. The bud forms at the top of the plant, with the protective leaves revealing the first sign of the luscious leaves inside. A hint of mystique, of sexual and sensual allure and temptation.

Mars. The rose explodes into a fiery, vibrant and pungent ball of sensation, attracting and magnetizing all and sundry, whether bee or human, lover or artist.

Jupiter. The flower expands, and becomes overly showy, larger than life, over the top but also grand and noble.

Saturn. The rose loses its petals and leaves, naturally or through pruning, bringing the surety of endings.

Chiron. The plant knows that in one way it is dying, so prepares for metamorphosis, closing down its functions.

Uranus. The rose bush crumbles in the winter, often suddenly and without warning.

Neptune. The body of the plant dissolves into dust losing its shape and form.

Pluto. Somewhere under the leaves and the soil, the seed lives on, burying itself in the dark until the light of next year's sun and the whole cycle starts again. Wonderful thing, nature.


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