by Ada M. Palles

Magic Wand My sister has an uncanny way of manifesting things in her life. Sometimes I think she is a "Master Manifestor," because she can just casually think about something and it seems to magically appear for her. She has always done this naturally and without even thinking much about it.

For instance, just recently my sister decided that she needed to replace her winter coat. She really loved her old one and wanted one exactly like it, the same color and style. "But, this time," she told herself, "I want it to be a better brand, one that will hold up better and last longer than this last one. Of course, a better coat will probably cost more money, so I will only get it if I find it at a good price." She also thought that her chances of finding the same style four years later was quite unlikely as this coat had a velvet lined hood.

She had this conversation with herself in her mind, and then just let it go and didn't think about it again. But literally within days she was in a department store to get hosiery for an upcoming business meeting. While in the hosiery department, she happened to glance over to a rack across the aisle, and there on its own was a black coat that looked like the coat she owned but wanted to replace.

She walked across the aisle to investigate and sure enough, the coat did look like her other coat. It had the same hood, the same cut, the same colour, but a much better fabric and made by a high-end manufacturer. Of course, all winter coats were on clearance because it was the beginning of spring.

Sure enough, the coat was 75% off the original price, plus she had a coupon in her purse for an additional 20% off. Her last concern was, "But it probably isn't my size," and she was worried because she didn't see any more like it on the rack or anywhere else. She looked at the label and, of course, it was her exact size and fit beautifully. She was ecstatic. She believes she manifested that coat exactly as she wanted it, because what are the odds?

Another example: my sister and I were both shopping for curtains for our respective house. She found a gorgeous drapery panel on the clearance rack at a decorating store, and it was perfect for what she had in mind. She needed five more to go with it to complete the windows. A passing sales clerk wished her luck finding them, as everything on the clearance rack was leftover odds-and-ends that had been picked through pretty well. But a second sales clerk stopped by, asked if she could help, and in short order found five other panels in back. Her windows were now a done deal, with beautiful, insulating brocade fabric at a fraction of the cost.

On the other hand, I had a slightly different experience. I had also just repainted and was redecorating my living room, and found the perfect curtains for it. I have two windows in that room, so I needed four drapery panels for them. There were only three. I asked the sales clerk if they had any more of this curtain available, perhaps in the back. Of course, they did not … they did not have any more in back as everything had been put out.

Undaunted, I asked her if their other stores carried the same curtains. The answer was yes, so I bought the three panels intending to visit another one of the chain's stores and pick up that last panel I needed. Four stores later, I still hadn't been able to track down that last curtain. I even went back to the original store just to see ifI had missed that last panel somehow, if someone had coincidentally returned one, or if perhaps there was one lying around somewhere else in the store. No dice.

Not a problem, I thought. I'll simply buy it online. After all, you can get anything on the web! All searches for the manufacturer and drapery name came up empty. No luck on eBay, either. I went to the manufacturer's website and made a list of all the stores that carried their draperies. The next day, I logged about 100 miles on my car, visiting each and every one of those stores, and came up empty. No matter where I went, they did not have the one missing curtain panel I needed. Did I mention it was snowing the entire day?

Two days later, I almost found the same curtains in another store. It was by a totally different manufacturer, but the material was exactly the same. Unfortunately, the style was slightly different, so not exactly what I wanted. However, after three days of searching for a drapery panel that did not exist anywhere within a 100-mile radius of my house, I decided that the unmatching curtain would be just fine. If anyone noticed anything different at all, they would simply chalk it up to my quirky decorating style.

But this story illustrates the difference between my sister's ability to manifest and mine. After three days of searching for that elusive curtain, and begging every higher power that exists to make it appear before my eyes, I had to settle for an "almost but not quite" facsimile of said curtain. Although, my sister though gets exactly what she's looking for without nearly the effort.

Frustrated? Yes. Envious? No doubt. But after pondering the reason for our vastly different experiences, it suddenly occurred to me that my sister loves to go shopping. It is something that she not only enjoys, but she is joyous when she's shopping. For me, it is a chore. I would much rather do almost anything else than go shopping. So, it occurred to me that that's why she's more in the flow of things and finds bargains and just the perfect thing all the time, when I don't.

Another difference is my sister's faith. She just always feels that everything will work out. So things just do work out for her. I don't have nearly as much faith, and it is something I desperately need to cultivate. Faith in life, faith in goodness, faith that everything will turn out okay.

In the end, manifesting for me isn't about the ability to pull off magic tricks or get everything I want. It is about improving one's quality of life: the ability to enjoy life, to make life easier instead of always having to be such a struggle and hard work, and to be able to get exactly what I need when I need it, instead of settling for second best. It is a matter of utilizing the same spiritual energies my sister does to make life a more pleasant experience, to be in the joy of all of my activities, so that I am more in the flow of my life, too.

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