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Whisperingtree.net Newsletter 

April, 2011

Whisperingtree.net Newsletter
Dear Ana,

I spent a lazy afternoon this week reading and enjoying the warm breeze on my deck.  It was the perfect way to welcome Spring.  With so much sprouting, it is a good time for us to expand Whisperingtree.  We will have new ways of communicating with one another and seeing what we're all up to.  


This month, we'd also like to welcome Corey Radman, a respected writer whose work has appeared in a number of national publications.  Corey is a passionate story teller and introduces us to Diana Hermann this month, an acupuncturist and herbalist whose drive for health and wellness has led her down some interesting paths.


We have a number of events coming up next month, including the American Holistic Nursing Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.  If you're in the area, please stop by for a quick hello.  We have a wonderful and inspiring community, we love to stay in touch.


Have a great month!

Spotlight: Diana Hermann

"Diana, Do good." - Vinnie

That yearbook inscription, signed in haste by a sixth grade friend, probably meant nothing to Vinnie, but to Diana Hermann it's been the measuring stick for her life.


"I bet that kid has no idea about the profound impact he had on my life." Hermann smiles, thinking of 12-year-old Vinnie and the entirely accidental intention he helped to create.


Diana Hermann is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with passion for life and for helping others. She's a right-brained, former engineer, and a driven entrepreneur - in some ways the antithesis of a typical healer. But it's that passion, that drive to do something worthwhile that brought her to Traditional Chinese Medicine and gave her the courage to abandon her planned career as a civil engineer.


How did that drastic course change come about? Kung Fu. Of course.


"I was training in Kung Fu for fun," she remembers. "Part of the premise of Kung Fu is not just knowing how to hurt someone, but also how to heal them. Before getting beat up, the instructors would give us dit da jow, an herbal linament." It helped. A lot. Seeing the difference in her inflammation compared to the guy in class who refused the remedy, made a huge impression on Hermann ... 


Read More of Corey's Interview with Diana Online. 

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Many Blessings from all of us at Whisperingtree.net  
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