December 2010 Newsletter
December 2010 Newsletter

Spirituality is an individual journey
and you are your own best guide.
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Twas the Night Before Christmas
Twas the Night Before Christmas
We have a new presentation this month. We hope you enjoy it.
Steve Judd's Astrology
Steve Judd's Astrology
What's in your stars? We have Steve's forecast for December 2010.
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Dear Ana,  

Sometimes people influence us by saying very little.

On a recent jaunt into town, a friend of mine held his iPod to my ear offering me a fun musical interlude for my drive. One of his unexpected selections triggered a memory of a fun spring day many years ago singing along to Tom Jones in a car full of friends. I launched into the story, as I have a million times before, and once again, he listened quietly and politely. 

Time has passed and I am still thinking about the music in my ear and I smile. I thoroughly enjoyed the spontaneity and friendship of that moment, even as I prattled on about a time long past. Without so much as a word I learned a powerful lesson about living in the moment.  That day has now become a snapshot I will take out and treasure when the nights are long and cold.

As time passes our memory books thicken with pictures of our lives. Amongst them are happy and sad, funny and touching moments. Things we wished we had done differently, moments we wish we could stay in forever. We spend so much time distracted by the already filled pages, we forget that there are blank pages ahead. Every one of these little photographs of life offer us glimpses of the sacred in the mundane.

Happy HolidaysAs we enter the holiday season, may you open your book to a blank page and have fun filling them with joy, laughter and a loving heart.

A Happy Holiday to All - Ana
Spotlight: Barbara Barton by Colleen M. Quinn

Spotlight: Barbara BartonTrying something for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you're not feeling well or are dealing with stress. But rest assured that you're in good hands if you try out traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture at Grace Journey Acupuncture in Denver, Colorado. Barbara Barton, who owns Grace Journey, has built a client-centered practice at which each person is cared for in a way that's as unique as they are. Whether you are a first-timer with traditional Chinese medicine, or it's a part of your daily routine, Barbara's door is always open.

Traditional Chinese medicine is vast and diverse, drawing on a history thousands of years old to maximize a person's health and well-being. Barbara describes this ancient and trusted medical practice as "a system of examination, diagnosis, and treatment [that is] based on the laws of nature and the Life Energy chi" on her website


Barbara's background prior to traditional Chinese medicine or TCM includes 25 years as a nurse. It was her research of anesthesia and chronic pain that led her to acupuncture, however. Barbara was intrigued to find that patients who received acupuncture experienced less pain and recovered faster than those who did not. Soon after she was studying acupuncture, and has spent time since in the United States and China learning all that she can of this unique system of healing ...


Moldavite and Phenacite PendantThe combination of Moldavite and Phenacite makes this pendant a powerful assistant when you want to open the way and great transformations in your life. Moldavite is a very powerful transformative stone, while Plenacite assists in connecting us to our third eye and crown chakras, and helps us be open and aware of opportunities.

This elegant transforming pendant also reminds us of the energy feilds present in all living creatures, reminding us of our own sacredness.  The pendant arrives on its own 18" sterling silver box chain, and packaged in a gift box, ready for gift giving ... $195.97

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