October 2010 Newsletter

October 2010 Newsletter

Spirituality is an individual journey
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Night Whispers
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On October 9, 2010, we are hosting our 4th Annual Service Day Healing Clinic for service members at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum.

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Dear Ana,

I admit it, I get excited about Halloween!  It is nostalgic and happy for me, never failing to spark anticipation. I stopped into a large discount store today simply to pick up some shelf liner for the pantry I was reorganizing,  an ordinary day with an ordinary errand. 
The day was cool and a bit blustery, the weather making the perfect backdrop for the big Halloween display that greeted me as I entered the store. Big, black kettles and assorted pumpkins lined the shelves, above them hanging bags of fake cobwebs perfect for stretching across doorways and covered porches. For a brief moment, I saw myself as a 10 year old child, asking my dad if we could bring home some Halloween decorations. He would smile quietly and come over to help me choose one or two inexpensive items for our celebration.
As I walked down the aisle in search of my shelf liner, the smell of the harvest candles I passed, both familiar and comforting like my dad's warm hand,  drew me back to the Halloween aisles. I stopped, captivated by the bright oranges, purples and blacks.   have a full assortment of Halloween decorations at home, so I really didn't need anything else. But as I turned to walk away, I spied spooky cupcake liners that just had to hop in my shopping cart.
Many happy childhood memories flooded me as I finished my shopping expedition and headed out the door.

As I left the store, a man and his awkwardly chubby 10 year old daughter laughingly skipped hand-in-hand past me on the way to their car. I didn't turn around to look at what car they were heading to, because I recognized the pair. They came from long ago and far away.

Happy Halloween!
Owl Zuni FetishZuni Fetishes were considered to be so powerful by the U.S. Government that in the late 1800's Frank Hamilton Cushing was sent out to the Zuni Reservation to live among the Zuni people and investigate and study the mysterious power of the Zuni Fetishes.  Zuni fetishes were also so well respected by other tribes, that they were and still are in high demand for a variety of purposes.

Owl reminds you to trust your inner sight. Owl sees through darkness and pinpoints prey under several feet of snow. She is a symbol of wisdom and magic because of her ability to conquer the secrets of the night. Legends speak of the owl's yellow eyes as representative of the sun at night.

Each carving arrives with an information card, and in its own fabric pouch, nestled within a gift box, ready for gift giving ... $135.97

Spotlight: Shelly Poland
by Colleen M. Quinn

Reflexology PathIt's not uncommon for a healthy lifestyle to be someone's top priority. We take care of our bodies and muscles by exercising. We brush our teeth regularly. We go to the salon to take care of split ends and dye jobs. So what makes our mental well-being any different? A healthy body needs a healthy mind, especially one that is well rested and free from excessive stress.

With the demands of everyday life, this goal can seem unattainable at times. There are, however, several methods of touch therapy that can help people achieve just that. Reflexology, Reiki, and Healing Touch are different modalities that promote healing through the simple connection of touch. Shelley Poland, a Reflexologist based in Littleton, Colorado, combines these three practices of touch in a unique way to help stimulate physical and mental relaxation.

Although reflexology, Reiki, and Healing Touch are all based on the power of human touch, they are certainly different in their background and technique. Reflexology and Reiki both have roots in ancient practices, while Healing Touch is a much more modern practice ...
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