August 2010 Newsletter
  August 2010 Newsletter

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Dear Ana,
Integrative Medicine is making its way deeper into our medical world. As the National Institute of Health expands its research studies, more hospitals are incorporating complementary care (biofield therapies as listed by NIH). An exciting development is that the Department of Defense is listening. They are taking concrete steps to make these therapies available. A June 25th report from the Army's surgeon General states that

"...The Pain Management Task Force's final report, which was initiated by Lt. Gen. Eric B. Schoomaker in August of 2009, addresses the lack of a comprehensive pain-management strategy across the Army, and suggests alternative treatments to medication such as acupuncture, meditation, biofeedback and yoga ... Schoomaker's higher standards include offering treatment alternatives that might not yet be prescribed in average doctor's offices, but which patients are already seeking out on their own, such as acupuncture. He said the Army has looked at research on the effectiveness of complementary techniques, and he would like to see them integrated into traditional medical treatment ..."

Research studies into the effects of complementary therapies on pain and trauma are ongoing with various complementary care organizations, VA hospitals, and military bases. For example, Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in La Jolla, California, a leader in offering the best of conventional and complementary medicine, is finishing a study with Camp Pendleton looking at the impact of healing touch and guided imagery for alleviating PTSD. Similar studies have been conducted at Duke Medical Center, Durham VA, and other major centers across the country.

While statistics show that about 40% of Americans currently incorporate complementary care into their health and wellness options, there is still a large percentage that don't understand what these therapies offer. Fortunately, many medical professionals are helping close that gap by increasing their network of referrals and continuing education.

I see the benefits of therapies such as Acupuncture, Healing Touch, Cranio-Sacral and many others regularly.  It is wonderful to hear from someone who has suffered from chronic pain that they no longer need their meds to get through the day or to sleep. It is an empowering way to live.

Many Blessings ~ Ana
Spotlight: Steve Judd
by Colleen M. Quinn

Spotlight: Steve JuddAs most people know, astrology is an ancient art of old that dates back thousands of years and to many bygone civilizations. But that doesn't mean it's outdated by any means. Just as it did millennia ago, astrology has as many practical applications. Just ask Steve Judd, an astrologist based in England who offers "Intelligent, contemporary, state of the art Astrology for the discerning human being."

For Steve, astrology is a tool that improves one's life and personal well-being. Having developed his own individual brand of practice in astrology, Steve aims to be an impetus for change in others, both mentally and spiritually.

Steve is completely self-taught in the ways and subtle nuances of astrology; he has educated himself through countless books and writings on astrology, as well as through trial and error. Steve believes there is no one wholly correct school of thought ...

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