June 2010 Newsletter

  June 2010 Newsletter

Spirituality is an individual journey
and you are your own best guide.
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Dear Ana,
June marks the official start of summer.  School is over and June opens the gateway for vacations, long family weekends by the beach, summer camps, and the smell of neighborhood barbecues on a Sunday afternoon .  It is also the month we celebrate the men in our lives on Father's day. 

Dads are special. They can be counted on to do those jobs no one else wants to do: removing scary snakes and spiders that have crawled inside, they deal with dead animals, carry the heavy bags, thoughtfully hold doors open for others, and work extra shifts to give their family a better life.   And dads do this quietly without much fanfare. 

This June, take some time to honor the men who have shared our life.  Whether they are fathers, sons, uncles or friends, really notice those little things they do in silence.  And whether they are here or long since gone, we can send our gratitude to them in a heartfelt prayer.  This June, spend a few moments thanking the men who have helped us along our way.  Many blessings and enjoy the summer sun!
Spring 2010 Writing Contest

Spring 2010 Writing ContestOur Spring Writing Contest is wrapping up in a couple weeks. So, get your poems, essays, or stories to us by the middle of June for a chance to win one of three great prizes. We will announce the winners in our July Newsletter.

Once again, we are looking for uplifting spiritual, seasonal, personal, inspirational, touching, motivational, or just plain heart-warming stories, poems, and essays up to 2,500 words that celebrate the Spring Season, including any upcoming holidays ...

Spotlight: Cynthia Hutchinson
by Colleen M. Quinn

Spotlight: Cynthia HutchinsonIf you've never heard of the Healing Touch Program, chances are that you probably will in the near future. A form of energy work, Healing Touch has been gaining recognition over the years as an effective way of facilitating physical and emotional healing. It may be a doctor who will tell you about Healing Touch or may refer you to a practitioner. This is because many medical professionals are now seeing the benefits Healing Touch offers their patients. Some of them are also trying Healing Touch, or HT, themselves.

Dr. Cynthia Hutchison, RN, MSN, DNSc, HTCP/I, can tell you that it's an incredible experience.

Cynthia speaks of her work in HT with a passion and love that only comes from someone who's found their true calling. But it wasn't always that way. Cynthia started as a psychiatric nurse aiding others with their own healing. After a few years however, she became disheartened ...

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