Spotlight: Jeffrey Brock

by Colleen M. Quinn

Eclipse Jeffrey Brock has one of those laughs that are contagious. It’s relaxed and sincere, the kind that immediately draws you into an amiable talk. Such a conversation with Jeffrey is like talking with an old friend. You can easily laugh and joke together, or share a serious discussion – many times it’s as if he has known you for years. And if he has your chart in hand, in many ways he does know as many things about you as a friend would.

Jeffrey is an astrologer based in Miami, Florida, and has almost thirty years of experience helping others understand themselves and their world through astrological readings. The study of astrology is something that is close to his heart. As a boy growing up in Canada, Jeffrey spent many cold nights staring at the stars in the sky. “I was endlessly fascinated by them,” he says. His interest in the night sky remained just that, an interest, for the early part of his life. An interest changed to purpose when his family moved to Florida, and his mother came across some remarkable papers that would change Jeffrey’s view of the stars.

The papers were his astrological charts, a gift from a family friend at the time of Jeffrey’s birth. These charts contained a wealth of astrological information about him, including significant dates and events. Jeffrey said that he realized the importance of these charts when he inherited a sum of money from a relative, just as he had seen in his charts. The perfect timing of this money came at a time when he needed it the most, and he was able to pay for his college education.

In addition, the charts also explained a lot about Jeffrey’s life and himself that he already knew, yet in ways that he had never thought of before. “I thought, ‘My god, there’s much more truth to this than I thought,” he says. With this kick-start, Jeffrey decided to build a career in astrology.

Jeffrey gained much of his experience by working with Robert Ball, a master astrologer located in Coral Gables, Florida. Jeffrey met Robert in 1973, and as his student began eagerly learning the ways and wisdom of astrology. “He had a way of reaching deep into people’s souls,” says Jeffrey, “It was so profound. I thought, ‘I want to learn that!’” Working with Robert, he began teaching astrology to others in 1978, and in 1988, the year that Robert passed away, Jeffrey became a full-time astrologer.

In simplest terms, Jeffrey says that an astrological chart is an accurate reflection of a person, their life, personality, and personal beliefs. A person’s life contains many cycles, and is also a whole cycle itself; these cycles are shown in an astrological chart, and can give a lot of insight into a person’s life. “There are complete cycles, with specific periods like seasons,” Jeffrey says, “I look at what ‘season’ you were born in within your own cycle, and what’s coming next.”

When looking at a chart, Jeffrey focuses more on aspects concerning the client’s personality, their personal and spiritual characteristics to gain a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses. Jeffrey also discusses current things that are happing in a clients’ life, as well as indentify past problems, recurring habits, and what kinds of things to expect in the near future. This way, a client can see certain subjects or their whole life from a totally new viewpoint. “Astrology is confirmational. It illuminates things you hadn’t thought about before,” he says.

With a “Knowledge is power” approach to astrology, Jeffrey believes a reading is essential to knowing one’s self and living life as fully as possible. The more you can know about your life, the more you can live it. “I believe in free will,” he says, “But I’m not sure how much of that people have unless they know the habits and patterns in their lives. How can you make a choice if you don’t know your options?”

To create an astrological chart, there are just a few pieces of information that is needed: the person’s name, place, and time of birth as accurately as possible. The time of birth is especially important, because the more accurate it is, the more precisely Jeffrey is able to tell where the stars and planets were in the sky. In many ways, astrology shows the blueprint of a person’s life in the sky.

There are three main parts that are particularly important to a person’s astrological chart, although there are many other aspects that give even more information, such as ruling planets. These are a person’s astrological signs, and they give a multi-faceted description and understanding of a person.

The first, and most familiar sign, is the sun sign. This sign is determined by where the sun was in the sky at the time of birth. The sun sign reflects the inner self, in essence “Who you believe yourself to be,” as Jeffrey says. There is also the moon sign, derived from where the moon was at the time of birth. The moon sign represents a person’s emotions and physical attributes like health, as well as one’s basic beliefs and the unconscious.

Thirdly, a person’s rising sign is the sign that was rising in the east at the time of birth. While the sun and the moon “move” through the sky at 1° and 12° per day respectively, each sign of the zodiac moves 30° every two hours. This means that each of the twelve signs moves through the sky in a 24 hour period. Because of this ever-changing nature, the exact time of birth is very important in determining the rising sign. The rising sign represents the ego, or the outer personality; as Jeffrey says, “The mask we wear to the world.”

These three main signs represent the whole of a person. There is an abundance of information that they can give about life and personalities. For example, there are male and female characteristics of each sign, with one being more dominant than the other. Overall, a person will have a combination of “male” and “female” signs.

This has a very important effect on person’s sense of self and how they perceive life. Jeffrey uses Marilyn Monroe’s chart as an example, in which all of her signs were predominantly male. For a woman, this can create a sense of being very unbalanced. According to Jeffrey, she probably didn’t feel like she fit in with other people, and created a hypersexual, feminized persona to compensate for the way she felt.

The beauty of these signs, as well as other elements in a chart, is that they create depth and color in an astrological reading while also providing pertinent information. Jeffrey believes that astrology is a guide to self-knowledge and exploration, through examining how one’s life began and where it will take them. As Jeffrey says, “Astrology is the science correspondences and the study of beginnings.”

Jeffrey also specializes in health astrology, which uses one’s astrological chart to look at their physical and mental health. “A chart reflects your chemistry, your psyche, your physical nature,” says Jeffrey. “It’s about strengthening the weakest link in the chart.” A chart can show what kinds of illnesses a person is susceptible to, what their physical strengths and weaknesses are, and what physical aspects they should give extra care to.

Jeffrey emphasizes the importance of the health of the mind as well as the body, pointing out that they are deeply linked. Astrology can offer much in the way of emotional healing, because it can point out sources of hurtful patterns or put old issues into a new light. Here the body is also important because, he says, “How can you help someone when they’re physically sick?”

Jeffrey also offers astrological relationship counseling. By analyzing individual charts, as well as the chart of the relationship, Jeffrey can help pinpoint problems and offer new viewpoints on old issues that have or do create problems. This type of counseling can be applied to any kind of relationship, be it friendship, romantic, business, or familial.

“It’s very rare to find someone you’re totally compatible and complimentary with,” Jeffrey says. Since no relationship is perfect or without problems, he also recommends that astrological relationship counseling be sought soon after a potentially significant relationship starts. This can help a couple work on resolving problems before they get out of control. “Normally, they [couples] come too late,” he says of addressing current issues, “But really they need to talk about everything now, when or before it happens! Some relationships are easier and some are harder. You need to know.”

Being able to address potential and actual points of conflict allows for a higher quality of communication, says Jeffrey. The better the communication, the stronger the relationship can be. “You can prevent problems when it’s getting serious. Get a chart done, or see a counselor to keep on track,” he says.

Jeffrey’s skills also extend beyond the realm of astrology; he is also trained as a hypnotherapist and Avatar Master. “The Avatar course is the most powerful I’ve ever taken,” says Jeffrey. Through his training, Jeffrey has learned to “live deliberately,” to explore his beliefs and values, and has learned how they affect his own experience. This education has helped him greatly in his work with others.

Over time, Jeffrey has developed his own form of goal-oriented personal coaching, which he calls Mastery. This is a 90-day course during which Jeffrey works with a client to establish and achieve personal goals. “This is not a basic training!” Jeffrey advises, “This is for people who are ready to actively make changes, to carpe diem! You must be ready to commit and take the next step.”

A client can do Mastery work with Jeffrey either individually or with a group of people. The great thing about Mastery, Jeffrey says, is that it can be done over the phone as well as in person. Because Mastery requires speaking with Jeffrey on a frequent, regular basis, what is really necessary is a commitment from the client. "It [Mastery] is so powerful," he says, "It really reveals underlying issues and habits that prevent you from getting what you want."

Each Mastery session begins on the new moon and there are new check-ins at each quarter to chart the client's progress. Jeffrey's work in Mastery asks clients questions that seem easy enough: What are your goals? How are you going to achieve them? What have you done today to make progress? The key, says Jeffrey, is that Mastery is set up to have a reason for clients to be accountable for their personal goals. It keeps their goals constantly within sight, and over time encourages personal progress. "With this coaching, you do more than you ever thought you could do!" says Jeffrey.

Jeffrey’s work with astrology and personal coaching come back to one main theme: to help others better understand themselves and their world. Jeffrey uses the analogy of a pebble thrown into a pond to explain what his work provides for others. “Until you let go of the pebble, you are in control. When it hits the water and makes ripples, it’s no longer in your control, it’s all math,” he says. As Jeffrey knows, astrology can help in figuring out the math, to understand the hows and whys of ourselves, and to see where the ripples are taking us.

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