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A Thanksgiving Find

by Ana L. Palles

Love “I found him!” was the excited title on the email waiting for me in my inbox this morning. Of course I knew what it was about, just as I knew that it would happen on Thanksgiving Day. In the past week, the works of angelic hands were evident in the life of a woman I knew only through the words of a mutual friend.

Over lunch, my friend told me the story of Cindy. Earlier in the year, she had spent a month in Europe on vacation. While in Ireland, she met a wonderful man and spent the last days of her stay with him and his family. However, as she was leaving, the shock of her feelings, the changes this was triggering and the speed of the situation got the better of her, so she left him at the airport without exchanging contact information.

When she was back in the states, Cindy regretted her decision. She yearned to spend more time with him and get to know him deeper. With true angelic intervention, her friends came together to arrange roundtrip tickets for her back to Ireland, along with a little money for expenses. Although she couldn’t remember a last name and wasn’t exactly sure how to find him, she had no doubt that find him she would.

To help her in her quest, she contacted the local radio stations who began airing interviews with her to check on the progress of her search. She went out on her first day walking nine miles combing neighborhoods in Dublin, finding the places where they had stayed, shared a meal and drinks. She was heartened that everywhere she went shopkeepers remembered her and her attentive date.

Throughout it all, she had no doubt that she would find him. And it was through a series of interventions that on Thanksgiving Day, they found each other. It turned out that a friend had heard the radio spot, thought the story sounded vaguely familiar and contacted the man’s brother. It turned out that he was in a remote construction area without cell phone access. His brother drove out to the site to let him know about the search and to tell him he might want to get in touch with the radio station.

The rest, as they say, is history.

We are touched by these stories of lost love restored. We want them to find one another and succeed, because we recognize that the spark that is driving these heroic actions is love.

Love can be very scary. It brings about many changes. Love even changes who we think we are at times. When love is right between two people, it lets us access parts of ourselves we weren’t really sure were there—compassion, unselfishness, and even nobility. When we meet the person that is our heart mate, we like the person that we are when we are with them. We like ourselves.

Answering the question of whether this is truly love is really as simple as looking in the mirror.

And this is so important. So much of love and relationship is that chemistry that binds the two into a union. Our true love partner adds those elements to the mix that brings out the best of who we are, and lets us express who we want to be, supporting and nurturing one another. With our true mate, we become greater than the sum of our parts, because each person holds the other in their light, reflecting back a light of their own. There is an ease and comfort in being together that is genuine and unmistakable.

Cindy’s story is just unfolding. Wherever the path leads for these two lovers is still to be charted. But with so many things just falling into place for them there is an element of grace that entered the picture. And in this season of light, love and hope, Cindy’s story reminds us that we have much to celebrate.